Tony Peacock
Project Director URS


Jonathan Fernandez
Programme Manager London Overground Limited


Remi Awolola
Project Engineer London Underground Limited


Charanjit Birk
Senior Project Engineer London Underground Limited


Merv Wyeth
Project Management Consultant APM Programme Management SIG


Mick O'Donnell
M & E Package Manager Crossrail


Rod Prigge
Director LRD Engineering


Andrew Elliott
Senior Construction Manager London Underground Limited


Mike Flowers
Director Web Management Limited


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Discovering Value

Friday 18th March 2016
9.00am Registration, networking and refreshments 
9.30am Start 
4.00pm Close 
Venue London Underground offices, 15 Westferry Circus, Canary Wharf, 
London E14 4HD
Cost (including VAT)
Employees of APM Corporate Members
Non members: 
Presented by
John Heathcote MAPM, MBA 
Adam Roberts MAPM, MSc.
Up to 7 hours ( find out more about CPD)


Please note: numbers are limited to 30 so book early to ensure you get a place!

This event looks at introducing APM members and non members to Value Management (VM); informing them of the basic principles of VM and then running through a facilitated workshop reviewing the APM’s vision of “ A world in which all projects succeed”

John Heathcote
John Heathcote MAPM, MBA and PHd student (right), a Senior Project Management lecturer at Leeds Beckett University and Adam Roberts MAPM, MSc and PHd candidate (bottom right) who is currently working in the Projects department for Transport for London on their largest and most prestigious Upgrade Programme, will be presenting and facilitating this full day workshop in London on the 18th March 2015. 


The format for the day will include: 

• An interactive presentation and introduction to Value Management (VM), discussing the benefits and offering some application examples. Adam Roberts

• An overview of the basic principles of Value Management, with a facilitated discussion looking at more example applications and methods of implementation. 

• A live facilitated Value workshop, discussing and ultimately agreeing by consensus; the definition of the APM’s vision “A world where all Projects succeed by 2020” . Various facilitation tools and techniques will be used allowing for all attendees to experience and gain an understanding of the benefits to running this type of workshop. 

You will come away with a deeper understanding of Value and how Value Management can help your projects deliver more value for your organisation. 

The inclusion of a case study, identifying real savings on a recent project will allow you to have a better understanding of the benefits of using VM techniques throughout the project lifecycle, strengthening the evidence as to why VM should be applied throughout the entire project lifecycle. The main part of the day will go through a VM workshop, giving you the opportunity to work through and experience this type of workshop.

The objective for the day will be for the group to come up with a single definition that the APM could use in defining the 2020 vision. 

Section Description
2.1.1 Communication
2.1.7 Teamwork
2.2.4 Learning & Development
3.2.6 Solutions Development

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